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INDASA Sandinig Paper Rolls

Product Code: PSA AP

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Product Information

To complement the Dura-Block range Melomotive stocks a range of PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) abrasives. Indasa whiteline available for dry sanding of plastic fillers, polyester and high build primer.

Benefits of Long Blocks and PSA Abrasive Paper

Reduce sanding time. Achieve superior results for a perfect finish. Ripple-free finish from the beginning.

Why PSA Sandpaper?

Eliminate the cushion created from Velcro and hook & loop systems. Gives more control of the surface while rubbing and will cut the high areas of filler down faster and more accurately. This will also show your high spots faster with less rubbing.

Paper sticks onto the block or longboard. This means the paper will not fall or decompress into the low areas giving you a false sense of straightness. It has a low tack adhesive backing which sticks straight onto the block. Just tear and stick!

Handy hints for using PSA abrasive

Always give the block or board file a quick wipe with a clean cloth before applying a fresh piece of abrasive paper.

Remove old paper once finished - avoid leaving abrasive paper on the block for more than one week (less in colder climates).


Available 25 metre PSA rolls

40 Grit - 70mm x 25 metre roll

80 Grit - 70mm x 25 metre roll

120 Grit - 70mm x 25 metre roll

180 Grit - 70mm x 25 metre roll

220 Grit - 70mm x 25 metre roll

320 Grit - 70mm x 25 metre roll

400 Grit - 70mm x 25 metre roll


Please state grid required. All rolls are the same price.

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