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Ruko 126052 Bi-Metal HSS Co 8 Holesaw

Product Code: 126052

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Product Information
  • The fine toothing of this holesaw is particularly good for cutting metals. It reduces the necessary effort and ensures smoother running.
  • Ruko 126052 Bi-Metal HSS Co 8 Holesaw 52MM
  • Ruko Bi-Metal HSS Co 8 Holesaw offers precision cutting with the minimum amount of work.
  • Reduction of vibration and heat during the cutting process triples the life time of the tool.
  • Suitable for unalloyed steel (up to 1000 N/mm2), high chromium alloyed steels i.e. stainless steel, steels that are rust and acid resistant, non ferrous and light metals.
  • Other characteristics of this product include:
  • High rotational precision
  • Sturdy construction
  • Positive chipping and cutting angles ensure more aggressive cutting
  • Teeth welded onto jacket of special steel
  • Good chip removal
  • Slots in the jacket assist removal of cutouts

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