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Product Code: 005-0009

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Product Information
  • Clekoloc-USA sheet holders provides the quickest method for holding sheets together for drilling or riveting.
  • Drill the hole size needed for the rivet and insert the sheet holder. Material thickness range 0"-1/2". Use with Cleco holder pliers.
  • The pliers are designed to grip and actuate all standard sizes of Clecos, Clekolocs and Side Grip Clamps. Clamping force is applied at edge of work.
  • The lack of a take-up screw makes it impossible to over-tighten and damage the work surface or the clamp.
  • Side grip clamp is 55mm tall
  • 10 x 1/8" clecos
  • 6 x 1" side grip clamps
  • 1 x cleco pliers

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