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TOPTUL 7PCS Sensor & Sending Unit Socket Set

Product Code: JGAI0701

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Product Information


Detailed Description
A set of heads to replace the oxygen sensors, oil pressure and vacuum regulyatoraA - head to replace the oil pressure sensor 1 / 2 ", 29mm, length - 90 IIM - head for the replacement of the vacuum regulator and oxygen sensor 3 / 8", 7 / 8 " Length - 90 MMC - head for the replacement of sensor 1 / 2 ", 27/1-1/16, length - 90 mmD - head to replace the oxygen sensor 1 / 2", 7 / 8 ", length - 80 mIU - head for replace oil pressure sensor 1 ", 1" -1/16 ", length - 74 mmF - head to replace the heated oxygen sensor 1 / 2", 7 / 8 ", length - 50 mmG - head to replace the oxygen sensor 3 / 8" , 7 / 8 ", length - 30 mm


TOPTUL Professional Tools have been manufacturing for nearly 20 years.
The excellent tool quality and performance have gained a great recognition worldwide. "We are the first tool manufacturer in Taiwan who not only focus on the usage of high grade steel material, innovative product design, strict heat treatment control, precision manufacturing process and advanced production procedures, but also strongly emphasize on the outstanding surface finish of the tools. Only the tools with fine appearance can really prove the outstanding excellence", stated the president, Mr. Chiao Wei. The production manager also indicates that "Being a professional tool manufacturer must equip with highly integrated production lines and strong design capability together with efficient production management. We have accumulated a lot of different manufacturing requirements and experiences through years, our production capabilities and flexibilities are considered to be quite strong compared to the other competitors in tool industry."

TOPTUL products emphasize not only on high quality but also reasonable pricing. In order to accomplish that goal, TOPTUL production systems play a very important role in achieving organizational excellence. By conducting proper production planning, co-ordination and control through Work-Flow ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System, TOPTUL production team becomes one of the organizations in Taiwan Tool Industry has achieved and sustained excellence by effective production management.

Ever since the first day TOPTUL professional production team decided to produce quality tools with the top raw steel material, innovative tool molding and manufacturing technology and a complete quality control method as well as complied with various strict industrial standards, TOPTUL professional tools truly stands for "The Mark of Professional Tools" & " The Choice of Professionals."



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